Pre-Burned Screen 25"x36"

screen frames 25  x 36.png
screen frames 25  x 36.png

Pre-Burned Screen 25"x36"


*Please Note: Each color in your artwork needs its own screen

25” x 36” Pre-Burned Screen

(17” x 27” IMAGE AREA)

MESH COUNT (60, 90, 110, 160,200 230, 280)

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Screen Details

We will burn your image, pre-burned on a high quality aluminum frame, and it will be ready to print! Max Printing size is 17"x27". If a larger image is needed, please view our larger screens. Please note after check out we will send you an email to attach file. Your emulsion holds up extremely well to plastisol, water based, and discharge inks. 

Not sure which mesh count to choose?  One of your sales associates can help you with that.


  • When/Where do I upload my artwork?
    After you add your screens of choice to your cart and check out, you will be sent an email were you can upload your files.

  • How should I format my artwork?
    Please refer to our artwork requirements Click Here

  • Which mesh count is right for me?
    Submit your file, we will help you with that.

  • How large can my image be?
    An 25"x36" screens have a max "Image Area" of 17"x36". This is Max size for artwork to fit in to the screen

  • Can I fit multiple images on my screen?
    You can place as many images as you want in the allotted "Image Area" for your screen size. keep in mind that the more images you have burned on the screen, The more difficult it will be to print and tape.

  • Why is the image area much smaller than the screen?The screen dimensions include the actual frame, which consists of The screen dimensions include the actual frame, which consists of 2" walls. This means a 25"x36" screen actually has a 21"x32" inner dimension. Your image should be at least 2.5" away from these inner walls of the frame to allow room for your squeegee, ink, and areas of mesh that are too taught, which brings the max printable area of a 25"x36" screen down to 16"x27". These same basic principles apply to all other screen frame sizes.

  • How long will the image on my screen last?
    As long as the screen is used and cared for properly, the burned image should withstand thousands of prints. Use screen chemicals sparingly, keep mesh away from sharp objects, don't scrub screen with extremely rough surfaces, etc.

  • My screen ripped, what do I do?
    If your screen arrived with a tear, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt along with a picture of the torn screen, and we can send out a replacement right away. After 48 hours of receipt, we are unable to offer any replacements or credits.

  • How long will it take for my screen/s to ship?
    Orders placed before 3pm (PST) are ready to ship the following business day, as long as the print ready artwork is also received by 3pm. Please note this only applies to screens that are in stock at our warehouse. If you are able to add the screen to your cart and check out, the screen is in stock.